Find Out How Country Music Responded When Disaster Struck Texas

Man-made disasters can easily be revered and the damages caused can easily be repaired within a few days. However, when Mother Nature strikes, it is very difficult to control the damages. It also takes months and sometimes even years to repair the damages. Natural disasters can be in multiple forms. It can be in the form of a hurricane or an earthquake or a volcano or even a Tsunami. Texas, one of the largest states in the United States, was recently hit by Hurricane Harvey. It caused large scale disasters with homes ripped apart and large areas getting flooded by a record-setting tropical storm. Many lives were lost and there are still reports of people awaiting relief in large portions of the state.

Financial and other types of help are coming in to bring some relief to the hurricane hit people. These aids are from different corners of the globe and the music industry is certainly not behind. Many popular music artists, such as Miranda Lambert, Chris Young, and Luke Combs have stepped forward to help the disaster struck people of Texas. Some artists are sending aid to help the people, whereas, there are also some who are sending aid to help the animals. For example, Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation has stepped forward to help the animals hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Other famous personalities, who have stepped forward to help the people hit by the hurricane are Bobby Bones, who is a popular radio personality. He has announced $10,000 for the time being and has also promised to raise more in the recent future. Dierks Bentley, a popular American singer, has also decided to help, but is trying to find the best possible way to extend his helping hand. On the other hand, Luke Combs, also a popular singer, has decided to come up with $10,000 in order to help the people of Texas.

It is true that most of the popular celebrities, from different avenues, have their roots from Texas. They also have a large fan following from Texas. Thus, it is no surprise at all that these celebrities are willingly stepping forward to help the Hurricane Harvey hit people of the Lone Star State. The music industry responding to disaster hit zones of the country is nothing new. A few years back, when Nashville faced severe floods, the music industry responded with various types of fundraisers and donations. There was also a 4 hour long concert to raise necessary funds for the residents of Nashville. The concert was named “Nashville Rising: A benefit for flood recovery”. The city had witnessed a dramatic 13 inches of rain within a time span of mere 36 hours.

With the combined help & treatment of celebrities from different walks of society and the military, rescuing natural disaster hit people becomes very easy. Since the wrath of Mother Nature never has a simple solution, it takes the combined efforts of many people to fix the large scale damages and also get the lives of thousands back to normal.

Source: Cleveland Rocks